Pediatric osteopathy

Osteopathy for the newborns and babies

Osteopathy is a curative and preventive approach that allows treating body dysfunctions before they even cause any visible symptoms. Specifically in babies, when freeing them from the constraints which restrict them, they’ll be able to grow and develop to their maximum capacity. This allows for the optimization of their auto regulation ability, their adaptation and their sense of wonder for life!

Consult after a difficult birth:

  • Very long or very short labor
  • Childbirth with epidural
  • Twin pregnancy
  • Breech or face presentation delivery
  • Use of forceps or vacuum
  • Nuchal cord
  • Caesarean section
  • Premature birth

Consult when your baby

  • Cries constantly
  • Gets very little sleep
  • Arches back when held
  • Is tense with straight arms and hands
  • Startles at the slightest noise
  • Is an amorphous state and has trouble holding its head
  • Has trouble feeding
  • Regurgitates often
  • Has trouble digesting and is agitated after feeding
  • Has a flat spot behind its head
  • Had a fall
  • Has bad hip and feet posture
  • Always turns its head and sleeps on the same side
  • Squints permanently
  • Has recurrent earaches or infections
  • After vaccination
  • As a preventive measure

During a session

Newborns respond extremely well to osteopathy treatments, they can be looked after as soon as the first days of their lives.

The osteopath initiates the consultation by asking questions on the baby’s health, and then proceeds to a thorough assessment of all body systems.

With her quality of palpation, the osteopath detects blockage areas which could impede to the body’s natural balance. Using pain-free techniques and a light and caring touch, the osteopath works together with the baby to harmonize those areas.

The sessions usually last for 50 minutes. This can vary in accordance with the needs of the moment. By his or her great listening ability, the osteopath will adapt to the baby’s rhythm. The number of sessions required also varies depending on the condition, but usually go from one to four sessions.


Isabelle Turcotte, TRP and DO Osteopath, Owner. She graduated from the Collège d’Études Ostéopathiques in 2011. She has been practicing in the fields of physiotherapy and osteopathy since 1998. Through her passion for well-being, she has developed a gentle and personalized approach that promotes therapeutic evolution in all aspects of the being. Since the birth of her child, she has developed a great interest in treating newborns as well as babies. She is a member of the OPPQ and of Ostéopathie Québec (MOQ).