The goal of physiotherapy is to maximize physical function and motor skills by using physical methods, such as: manual therapy, heat, cryotherapy, electrotherapy, exercises and massage. For maximum effectiveness, we strongly believe in intra and interdisciplinary team work.

The treatments are personalized and professionally conducted in an environment that promotes comfort and relaxation. Our greatest pride is your well-being and confidence.

Effective for several conditions, for example: sprains, neck and back pain, sciatic nerve pain, charley horse and muscle spasm, capsulitis, tendinitis, rehabilitation after a fracture or surgery, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc.

Caroline Bisson, TRP (member of the OPPQ) is a graduate of Collège Montmorency. She has been practicing in the field of physiotherapy since 1998 and at our clinic ever since. She is a very involved Therapist who cares deeply about the well-being of her clients and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of the care she provides through continuous education and attentive listening of her clients’ needs.

Antonia Giannini, TRP (member of the OPPQ) is a graduate of Collège Montmorency. She has been practicing physiotherapy at our clinic since 1999. In her daily practice, places great importance on communicating with her clients and easily establishes a bond of trust with them. Her clientele appreciates her listening skills and her professionalism. She displays interest in supervising physiotherapy interns. Being trilingual, she can serve you in French, English and Italian.

Imane Zahouani, pht (member of the OPPQ), is a graduate physiotherapist from the University of Montreal since 2016. During her studies and professional internships, she developed a vivid interest in musculoskeletal health and everything related to it, including manipulative therapy and temporomandibular joint (jaw) dysfunctions, fields in which she plans to pursue her postgraduate training. In treatment, she combines her manual ability to an approach based on teaching and self-management.