Our Values

We believe that to achieve good physical health we must first listen to our body, which is why we favour an approach based on respecting our patients’ expectations and concerns as well as their personal history. We therefore take the time to develop relationships that go beyond treating physical pain. This is what we call the quest for global health.

Each action we take is guided by the fundamental values that unite each member of our team.

Respect for yourself, your wellness and your general health.

Achieve a better balance more easily by relying on the therapeutic virtues of our fields.

To a healthy lifestyle focused on ideals of physical and psychological wellness.


Since November 2005, our clients have enjoyed an improved service. The team moved into a new, ultra-modern space that provides visitors with a moment of relaxation beyond compare. We thought of everything to reflect our personality and enrich the time you spend with us. Our staff is constantly there to respond to the needs of our clients and we base our approach on dialogue and mutual respect.

At our clinic you will find a simple, friendly and pleasant environment so that you can have a comforting, positive and reassuring experience.