Yoga is a discipline that aims at achieving the being's physical, mental and spiritual unity through meditation as well as breathing and body exercises. Practicing yoga allows you to get in touch with joy and peace, your spirit's natural conditions. Through movements that are gentle and respectful of your own limits, your overall health improves. When you practice yoga, you begin where you are comfortable, regardless of your age, weight, flexibility or beliefs. Yoga improves the body's flexibility, physical health and breathing capacity. It also helps calm emotional restlessness and the entire nervous system, reduces stress levels allowing for better concentration, and promotes introspection and acceptance of self and others. Relaxation allows the body and spirit to relax, allowing you to let go. The conscious act of relaxing the body using different techniques reduces physical pain as well as stress levels, allowing you to sleep better. The positive affirmations and visualization and meditation techniques progressively help reduce the false conceptions you hold of yourself and of life in general, allowing you to make long-lasting changes.

Vicky Morin, certified yoga teacher